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Learning at Home Effectively

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

The whole world is going through a traumatic time due to the mayhem created by the pandemic Corona Virus Disease that erupted in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019.

Every soul on earth is affected by this pandemic. The virus not only affected economic and social life but created havoc on people’s psychology. It affected the Educational sector to a large extent. Even though Nature’s wrath can be withstood by mankind, some retaliation can be seen from the latter.

The way we are getting responses from the students and guardians we believe that we have succeeded in imparting our best. Our faculties have been co-operating. It’s a collective venture and we will surely succeed in strike back and win the battle.

Even though the pandemic affected largely the educational sector yet some institutions have been trying to impart education in the best way possible.

online classes

The online class is a popular term among learners and guardians. Haji Ajmal Ali Memorial Senior Secondary School, Kapashbari has been trying its best in this field. We have made learning easy at home effectively via different mediums. Different kinds of study materials, notes, etc. are provided to students through social media like E-mail, WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.

We have been imparting classes through Google Meet and Zoom App. Our phone numbers are open for students and guardians 24 x 7. Such dedication and passion that our faculties are leaving no stone unturned in delivering our best. We are 100% successful in converting online classes into physical classes. We conduct exams in such a way that every student appears without fail and even the guardians co-operate in conducting the exams smoothly. We regularly conduct the Guardians Meet to trace the students’ progress. Even our mentors are in touch with their respective mentees.


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